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FluidLytix Showcases Water Management and Efficiency Solution at AAHOA Convention & Trade Show 2019

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Company reduces business water utility cost by up to 30%; water usage 2% to 5%; exhibits at booth #3025 during largest hotel owner association’s annual conference.

DALLAS, TX – April 23, 2019 – Showing how hotels may reduce their water utility costs, lower water volume usage, and be eco-friendly stewards, FluidLytix is exhibiting at the Asian American Hotel Owners Association’s (AAHOA) 2019 Convention and Trade Show in San Diego, Wednesday, April 24 through Saturday, April 27. The AAHOA is the largest hotel owners’ association in the world. The 18,500+ AAHOA members own nearly one in every two hotels in the United States.

With increasing water costs and diminishing water resources, FluidLytix’ goal is to reduce water expense and usage. Water is the second highest utility cost for hotels, motels and resorts. For hotel properties with multiple locations, such savings are especially critical. The FluidLytix solution features the WAVE Water Efficiency Valve that regulates both the air and pressure. The 2 in 1 WAVE Valve can reduce hotel and resort water expenses by up to 30% and lower water volume usage by 2% to 5% without reducing the quality of service.

“Hotels in the U.S. use an average of 70 to 175 gallons of water per day per room,” said Damir Perge, co-founder and chief executive officer, FluidLytix. “And the FluidLytix Intelligent Water Management solution helps them to lower their water usage and reduce costs.”

“Moreover, promoting eco-friendly benefit

s helps drive revenues for hotels and resorts as their customers increasingly seek out businesses that use sustainable processes,” added Perge.

During the 2019 AAHOA Convention and Trade Show, FluidLytix is at booth #3025 at the San Diego Convention Center.

About Fluidlytix:

FluidLytix, LLC has offices in Dallas and Miami. The FluidLyix Water Management Solution features the WAVE Water Efficiency Valve, which regulates both air in the water line and water pressure. The FluidLytix solution reduces water bills by up to 30% and 2% to 5% reduced water usage. The WAVE Valve is made in the USA.


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