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FluidLytix Showcases Water Management and Efficiency Solution at EarthX, April 26-28, Dallas

FluidLytix Intelligent Water Management provides huge sustainable benefits for businesses by reducing water expenses up to 30% and lowering water usage by 6% to 9%.; CEO Damir Perge participated on the panel discussion, “Building for Water Security,” Sunday, April 28, 11 AM, Automobile Stage.

DALLAS, TX – April 26, 2019 – As Earth’s water resources are rapidly diminishing, water costs are rising 5.5% annually in the U.S., according to the Wall Street Journal. Dallas-based FluidLytix is committed to helping businesses around the world save water while being more profitable. During the 2019 EarthX Expo and Conference, the leading connector and forum for sustainability, Friday, April 26 – Sunday, April 28, FluidLytix exhibits at booth #3671 in the Automobile Building, Fair Park.

The FluidLytix solution features the WAVE 2-in-1 Water Efficiency Valve that regulates both the air and pressure. As a Compressible Flow Valve, it compresses the accumulated air in the water line reducing the volume of air prior to flowing through the water meter. The result is up to 30% savings on water usage costs. The Pressure-Reducing Valve component reduces water pressure to reduce water usage by 2 % to 5% without diminishing the quality of service.

Also, on tap for FluidLytix during EarthX, Damir Perge, company co-founder and chief executive officer, is a featured speaker for the conference’s Green Speaker Series. Along with two other panel participants, Damir will discuss “Building for Water Security” on Sunday, April 28, 11 AM CDT at the Automobile Stage.

“FluidLytix is providing water management and efficiency solutions for today and the future, “ said Jana Arnold, co-founder and chief marketing officer, FluidLytix. “As we deal with global warming, fresh water is a precious commodity. People are looking more and more for businesses that are environmentally-conscious and use sustainable methods.”

About Fluidlytix:

FluidLytix, LLC has offices in Dallas, Miami and Medellin, Colombia. The FluidLyix Water Management Solution features the WAVE Water Efficiency Valve, which regulates both air in the water line and water pressure. The FluidLytix solution reduces water bills by up to 30% and 6% to 9% reduced water usage. The WAVE Valve is made in the USA.


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