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Damir Perge | Co-Founder

Damir is a co-founder of FluidLytix. He is also co-founder of entrepreneurdex, an accelerator using complexity science to launch, grow and scale startups and growing companies. He is an entrepreneur, former Silicon Valley venture capitalist, author, producer, and complexity scientist. He ran a VC fund in Silicon Valley—focused on investing in the seed and early stages of the startup cycle. As a VC, he raised over $300 million for various companies and invested more than $50 million into 25 startups and early stage companies in the entertainment, publishing, media, sports, internet, enterprise and consumer software, hardware, financial services, manufacturing, and transportation sectors.

Damir’s 25 years experience in the high-tech industry includes management, sales and marketing, finance, distribution and logistics, operations, engineering, supply chain management and product development. He has worked with ventures in the technology, media and publishing, internet, enterprise software, entertainment, alternative energy, consumer products, hardware, communications, and manufacturing sectors. He’s author of Entrepreneur Myths: The Startup Reality (2012). His upcoming books include Fútbolpreneur: Football Methods, Strategies and Tactics Applied to Life and Business (2019); Silicon Disrupted: How to Leapfrog Silicon Valley (2020), and Startup Unicorns: The Market Analytics of Billion Dollar Startups (2020).

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