The FluidLytix
Water Management Solution.
Saves Water. Saves Money.
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Reduce water utility cost for commercial buildings by 30%

Reduce commercial building water volume usage by 6% to 9%*

* Results vary by size of valve, incoming water pressure and location.

Rising Cost of Water

The cost of water is rising 5.5% annually in the US, according to the Wall Street Journal, as "utilities try to fix corroded pipes and overflowing sewer systems."

Typical Office Building
End Uses of Water**

37% Sanitary

28% Cooling & Heating

22% Irrigation

13% Kitchen/Dishwashing

The WaveLytix Internet of H2O Water Management Solution monitors, analyzes and predicts water consumption real-tme and 24-7 to lower water utility costs, improve water efficiency and provide leakage and flood alerts.


 The FluidLytix WAVE Water Efficiency Valve's patented 3 in 1 valve technology regulates both air and pressure. The result is up to 30% lower water bills and 6% to 9% reduced water usage.*

Made in the USA.

FluidLytix Water Management:
WaveLytix + WAVE
A Simple Way to Conserve Water and Reduce Cost

The FluidLytix Water Efficiency Solution can help facilities conserve water by 6% to 9%* before it even flows into the building. This saves water, increases the service life of plumbing system components, and reduces the risk of water leaks.

Total water usage is reduced in the main pipe so you save everywhere water is used, including HVAC, restrooms, landscaping and all.

* Results vary by size of valve, incoming water pressure and location.

Average water use of large
commercial buildings* per day:
22,000 gallons per building, 55.6 gallons per thousand square feet, and 50.1 gallons per worker.
That totals 359 billion
gallons of water per day.

*Over 200,000 Sq. Ft