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FluidLytix's Wave Valve + Flolytix Water Monitoring helps apartment buildings and condominiums save water and money.


Renting is increasingly becoming a lifestyle choice for many as the quality of apartment units, services and amenities improved dramatically. Residents are expecting and demanding more from their apartment owner and operator. Apartments and condos use hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per year to fill swimming pools, clean the facility, landscaping, heat and air-conditioning and more.

FluidLytix's Wave Valve + Flolytix Water Monitoring is the perfect solution for apartment buildings and condominiums looking to save water and money.

The WAVE Water Efficiency Valve's patented 3 in 1 valve technology regulates both air and pressure. The result is up to 30% lower water bills and 6% to 9% reduced water usage. Total water usage is reduced in the main pipe so you and your tenants save everywhere water is used, including landscaping, HVAC, cleaning, kitchens and all.

And FluidLytix proprietary Flolytix Water Monitor allows you to track water usage in real time. Flolytix uses advanced water monitoring technology to reduce water waste and help conserve resources. This technology allows your staff to easily track water usage and pinpoint areas of inefficiency.

Enjoy the benefits of saving water and money with the Wave Valve + Flolytix Water Monitoring system.

Made in the USA.

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