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The Internet of H2O

Intelligent Water Management Platform

Lower Cost

Lower water utility bills up to 30% and water consumption up to 9%. when used with the FluidLytix WAVE™ Water Efficiency Valve.

Monitor & Analyze

Monitors water flow and pressure in real-time, 24-7 and analyzes operational efficiency.

Increased Efficiency

Analyzes water usage behavior and recommends changes to consumption patterns.

Detect Leaks

Scans for potential leaks with water sensors using predictive analytics.

Flood Alerts

Alerts for potential flood situations caused by extreme weather conditions

WaveLytix Internet of H2O Architecture

FluidLytix's proprietary WaveLytix™ Internet of H2O is a water management platform that analyzes and predicts water consumption real-time and 24-7 to lower water utility costs, improve water efficiency and provide leakage and flood alerts.


The FluidLytix WAVE™ Water Efficiency Valve further enhances water efficiency by lowering water utility costs up to 30% and reducing water usage up to 9%.

WaveLytix Internet of H20 Water Management
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