What our customers say about FluidLytix...
Fluidlytix Restaurant Client
Car Dealership Water Usage
"Since the WAVE valves were installed, our property occupancy rates have risen... my bills have not increased. The product works.... The quality of our water service was unaffected."
Daniel Lam, Area General Manager
Economos Properties - Ft. Lauderdale Airport Hotels
"With this valve we have saved between $300 and $400 dollars a month which is about a 20% savings. I would recommend this product to anybody."
Victor Benitez, Vice President
Gus Machado Ford, Miami FL
"We conducted the testing of the water valves for a period of 90 days in 8 restaurants and had substantial savings."
Gerardo Larrea French
Director of Marketing  & Projects
Gupo Larrea, Miami
"We have seen a considerable amount of savings in water consumption with an average of 27% per month."
Juan Diego Londoño
Gerente General, Hielos Iglú S.A.
Car Wash Water Usage
"We have had 18-22% average savings per month in our water utility bill.. We already have plans to install the WAVE valve at the other WashGuys properties"
John Pappas,
The CarWash Guys, The Colony, TX
Water use in apartment condos
"We are saving $80,000 per year. That's a total of 20% savings across the board. It's incredible."
Mark Sanz
250-unit Apartment Complex, Atlanta
Car Wash
"We have started saving 20% off the monthly bill. I'm very, very happy with this product."
Marcos Geller
Classic Touch Car Wash, Hialeah, FL