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TEXAS: 100% financing of your FluidLytix Water Efficiency System is available through PACE
Office Building

Property Assessed Clean Energy

PACE financing is enabling property owners to make their businesses more efficient and resilient.

100% Up-front Financing

PACE pays for 100% of the hard and soft costs of completing an energy efficiency, water conservation, renewable energy, or resiliency project.

Long-Term Payback

PACE is repaid on the property tax bill over a period of up to 30 years, enabling longer payback periods that can be cash flow positive from day one.

Commercial Property Owners:

Grow your bottom line and increase your building’s value

Commercial building owners owners choose PACE financing because it:

  • Covers 100% up front financing, including project development costs

  • Provides long-term funding that can result in immediate benefit to cash flow

  • Solves split incentives by passing payments to tenants

  • Preserves working capital and can can improve property NOI

  • Increases building value and marketability

  • Offers a range of accounting treatments

Many C-PACE programs across the U.S. now offer financing for new construction and gut rehab projects in addition to retrofits. Check the list below to find a program near you.

PACE-enabling legislation is active in 37 states plus D.C., and PACE programs are now active (launched and operating) in 26 states plus D.C. See all of the states.
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