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The FluidLytix
Water Management System.
Save Water. Save Money.
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Reduce water utility cost for industrial  & manufacturing
by up to 30%*


* Results vary by size of valve, incoming water pressure and location.

Rising Cost of Water

The cost of water is rising 5.5% annually in the US, according to the Wall Street Journal, as "utilities try to fix corroded pipes and overflowing sewer systems."

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FluidLytix Intelligent Water Management System

The FluidLytix system features the WAVE Water Efficiency Valve. It's patented valve technology regulates both air and pressure. The result is up to 30% lower water bills.*

Made in the USA.

A Simple Way to Reduce Cost

FluidLytix's Water Management System makes it simple to lower water costs by up to 30% before it even flows into your building and save everywhere you use water from HVAC to landscaping to restrooms. Pressure reduction saves water, increases the service life of plumbing system components, and reduces the risk of water leaks.

High Water Use in Manufacturing

The average American’s daily water footprint for all the (non-food) household goods they purchase, use and throw away is 583 gallons.

13,737 – 21,926 gallons of water is used to manufacture a car.**

*Based on a 2" water valve


Industrial water consumption is a major drain on the world's limited water supply.

It takes about 270 gallons of water to produce $1 worth of sugar; 200 gallons of water to make $1 worth of pet food; and 140 gallons of water to make $1 worth of milk.

*Over 200,000 Sq. Ft


Over 1500 Satisfied Customers

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