FluidLytix Intelligent Water Management Solution:
Hotel 8 floors, 235 rooms

This video shows the installation and savings enjoyed after the application of the FluidLytix Intelligent Water Management Solution.

THE CUSTOMER   A premier real estate investment and hospitality management company operating 125 hotels with annual water bills over $20 million.

THE PILOT TEST  An upscale Miami hotel. 8-Floors, 235 rooms. Swimming pool. City water pressure of 55 PSI, with booster pumps.

THE OPPORTUNITY  To deploy the FluidLytix Intelligent Water Management Solution to all 125 locations for a projected annual savings of over $4 Million.

THE SOLUTION  One 4" FluidLytix WAVE Valve. Medical Grade Stainless Steel. Made in the USA.

THE INSTALLATION  In less than 25 minutes.

THE RESULTS: 20.9% Water Cost Savings and 8.99% Water Savings