FluidLytix FAQ

How much will we reduce water expenses using the FluidLytix Intelligent Water System?

Most clients see an immediate savings reduction between 10-30% and water usage by 3-6% The results vary by water pressure from the city water supply and size of the installed FluidLytix WAVE Water Valve.

What are the available sizes fo the FluidLytix WAVE Valve?

The WAVE Valve is manufactured in the following sizes, plus metric sizes, from 1" to 16" We can also build custom WAVE Valves in sizes up to 36 inches

How long does the valve installation take?

The FluidLytix WAVE Water Valve is typically installed in under an hour per valve, and many times in only 30 minutes. Installation can be scheduled during hours that don’t interrupt your schedule or business.

Do we need a permit or permission from the city?

No. Your WAVE Water Valve is installed on the property side of the meter.

Can I install the WAVE Valve myself?

Yes, however FluidLytix recommends a licensed plumber or mechanical contractor install the valve. FluidLytix has a team of licensed, certified installers available to install it for you.

Will there be a noticable loss in water pressure after the valve is installed?

The water coming from the city is often over-pressurized, causing you to use more water than necessary. Lower water pressure is desirable and typically not enough that guests or customers notice. In most instances the pressure drop is between 6 to 8 psi.

How will I know that the valve is working?

You will know the FluidLytix WAVE Water Valve is working because you’ll see an immediate reduction in your volume usage, and a lower water bill.

Where is the FluidLytix valve made?

The FluidLytix WAVE Water Saving Valve is manufactured in the USA.

How do I know if I have air bubbles in the water coming into my facility?

There are many ways air gets into the water supply as it travels though the pipes from your water supplier. Although water providers try to prevent outside air infusion, air is drawn into the water line in many ways such as during common main line breakages, pumps along the water line, small cracks or damaged joint seals and changes in temperature. Read more at https://www.fluidlytix.com/air-in-water Most water meters measure volume passing through the meter so you are billed for the volume of water plus the air. The FluidLytix WAVE Water Efficiency Valve compresses the air in the pipe as it goes through the meter so you are billed only for water, not water plus air bubbles. This results in up to 30% reduction in water costs. See how it works at: https://www.fluidlytix.com/wave-valve

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