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The FluidLytix
Water Management System.
Saves Water. Saves Money.

Reduce water utility cost in water parks

& amusement parks by up to 30%*

Reduce water volume usage by 6% to 9%*

* Results vary by size of valve, incoming water pressure and location.

Rising Cost of Water

The cost of water is rising 5.5% annually in the US according to the Wall Street Journal, as "utilities try to fix corroded pipes and overflowing sewer systems."

FluidLytix can reduce water usage and costs for the entire location including grounds maintenance, restrooms, kitchens, heating and cooling, and everywhere water is used. Installation can be scheduled during off hours.

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FluidLytix Intelligent Water Management System

The FluidLytix system features the WAVE Water Efficiency Valve. It's patented 3 in 1 valve technology regulates both air and pressure. The result is up to 30% lower water bills and 6% to 9% reduced water usage.*

Made in the USA.

Being Green Adds Value

Amusement parks and water parks are promoting their water conservation and sustainable efforts more and more. Investing in water conservation will not only save the park money, it increases attendance by creating good will.


Amusement and water parks should educate the public about their water conservation efforts, especially during a drought. The FluidLytix Intelligent Water Efficiency System reduces water volume by 6% to 9%." The savings is significant and the guests are not affected by the difference in water flow.

* Results vary by size of valve, incoming water pressure and location.

Water Slide Kids

  “A 100,000 square foot waterpark resort might use on average 125,000 to 160,000 gallons of water per day. ” 

Over 1500 Satisfied Customers

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