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Alla Lutai
Co-Founder & CFO

Alla Lutai is co-founder and chief financial officer of Water Dropper, the Ukrainian subsidiary of FluidLytix. She has over 30 years of experience in international finance and accounting in the construction industry, trade and services.


Her experience includes creating budgeting systems, accounting and controls in accordance with international accounting standards, with companies including Svidis-Ukraine (Lithuania), Korsando (Cyprus), Spetstorg Corporation (Ukraine).


Jointly with the audit company Ernst & Young, Alla developed business plans for industrial and agricultural use to obtain financing for the construction of a sea grain terminal in the Illichivsk, Odessa region; and construction of an oil-extraction plant in Reni for Meridian Canada, Inc.

Recently, Alla gained experience in commodity trading and project management with Marvel Limited (Cyprus), and in U.S. coal export and private investment with Mango Tree Capital Limited (Sychelles).

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